FOTD : Wildflowers #12

Photos : Tino de Monte


Spiloxene (Cape star) is a genus of plant species belonging to the Hypoxidaceae family. Spiloxene species are native to South Africa and Namibia.

Spiloxene serrata,  Gouesterretjie in Afrikaans  flowering in Nieuwoudtville, Northern Cape, South Africa. 


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Water Water Everywhere #46

Entrance to Saldanha Bay harbour on a misty day

Atlantic Ocean and the entrance to the harbour.  Photo taken from The Postberg Nature Reserve which is situated within the West Coast National Park near Langebaan in the Western Cape. It is closed for most of the year, but is opened to the public during spring (August – September) where one can view the exceptional carpet of spring flowers in the reserve.

Jez is the host of the Water Water Everywhere (WWE) challenge.

FOTD : Wildflowers #8

Photos : Tino de Monte

Gladiolus venustus


Gladiolus venustus has flowers that are shades of purple to pink and sometimes dull yellow with yellow markings on the lower half of the lower tepals. It is widely distributed across the interior of the winter rainfall areas of southern Africa where it is found in dry habitats on clay and sandstone slopes.

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