V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #76: Music

Making music at the Waterfront in Cape TownWild Lettuce is an instrumental world fusion outfit created by Reinhardt Buhr in 2010. With the use of a loop pedal Buhr combines a multitude of instruments to produce an incredible amalgamation of sound, creating his personal version of a one man band. Originally hailing from Wilderness, Buhr has since relocated to Cape Town.

Wild Lettuce’s sound incorporates a variety of instruments, including classical guitar, electric violin, hand percussion and the Australian didgeridoo, all expertly looped and layered to create the world fusion sound it is known for. The melodies are upbeat and complex, peppered with unpredictable rhythms and jangling off kilter riffs.


New Zealand Christmas tree


Pohutukawa tree

Metrosideros excelsa, with common names pōhutukawa, New Zealand pohutukawa, New Zealand Christmas tree, New Zealand Christmas bush, and iron tree, is a coastal evergreen tree in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae, that produces a brilliant display of red flowers made up of a mass of stamens. Wikipedia

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