Share your desktop – June

A monthly challenge called Share your Desktop, hosted by Clare from Clare’s Cosmos.

Clare invites all to join in the fun by sharing your desktop photo on the 15th of every month.

Snow on Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

I have chosen this photo because I miss my son and family living in New Zealand. This is one of my favourite place in New Zealand.

14 thoughts on “Share your desktop – June

  1. New Zealand is one of my favourite places too – although I dearly love Australia. This is a gorgeous photo and I do hope that we can all be reunited with family and loved ones soon.

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  2. Ah New Zealand – we’ve spent some time there in 2019 for 4 months (on the North Island). We have a couple of posts on our blog about the places we’ve visited there. It is indeed beautiful – so much greenery (and water) … but we’ve missed the vastness of the Karoo and Namaqualand!
    I can certainly understand that you must be missing your son and their family … hopefully the time will come soon for you to visit them!

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