FloralFriday – FF #17 – FOTD

Alcea rosea, the common hollyhock, (Stokroos in Afrikaans) is an ornamental plant in the family Malvaceae. It was imported into Europe from southwestern China during, or possibly before, the 15th century. William Turner, a herbalist of the time, gave it the name “holyoke” from which the English name derives.


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Floral Friday : Arum lily

Common names: White or common arum lily (English); Wit varkoor (Afrikaans); intebe (Xhosa) ihlukwe (Zulu)
Araceae (Arums, Anthurium, Caladium and Philodendron)
DSC_0211 (3)The arum lilies in my gardenDSC_0209 (2)Arum Lily is a popular garden plant which grows in wet mud, and in and around the edges of shallow ponds or static water.  Its size depends upon the amount of shade it experiences; it grows larger in shadier corners.  At winter times in the Cape the Arum lilies line the roads wherever there is a bit of damp or water.