Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Shorebirds

Lisa says that “Shorebirds can be found anywhere there is a water hole. You don’t have to live at the beach or on a lake to see shorebirds. These will include gulls, terns, plovers, sandpipers, egrets, herons and many more.”

Hartlaub’s gull
African Sacred Ibis colony in Montagu, Western Cape
Pink Flamingos
Grey Heron


Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Owls

Spotted Eagle owl

The spotted eagle-owl is a medium-sized species of owl, one of the smallest of the eagle owls. Its length is 45 centimetres and its weight is from 454 to 907 grams. It has a 100 to 140 centimetres wingspan. The facial disk is off white to pale ochre and the eyes are yellow.

 Bubo africanus; also known as the African spotted eagleowl and the African eagleowl
Gevlekte ooruil (Afr.); ifubesi, isihulu-hulu (Xhosa); isiKhovampondo (Zulu); 
makhohlo, morubisi, sehihi, sephooko (SouthSotho); sikhova (Swazi); xiyinha (Tsonga); 
makgotlwêmophoêmorubise (Tswana).

The Spotted Eagle-Owl is the most common owl in southern Africa and is often spotted in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. This nocturnal bird of prey lives and breeds in a variety of habitats, including alongside people in their cities and towns.

Photos taken by Jenny Cole