Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in December – Y2

It is time for another Pick a Word themed challenge and it is the last one this year. As usual you get five words to choose from:






I chose :


Definition of sagacious   

having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgement; wise or shrewd.
“they were sagacious enough to avoid any outright confrontation”

My neighbour  found  these three Spotted Eagle- Owl  owlets on a walk through our estate.

(Photo credits: Jenny Cole)

jupiter najnajnoviji

Black & White Sunday: After and Before Y1-05

Once a month Paula publishes a recurrent (monthly) theme: after and before where you are supposed to show the same photo, regardless of the subject, in both monochrome and colour.

This is a way of encouraging you not only to set your camera to black and white setting, but to shoot in colour and to convert it into black and white in post processing.

Arniston is a small seaside settlement in the Overberg region on the Cape South coast, close to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa.



Thursday’s Special: Section

SECTION – segment, part, component, or in terms of photography a crop of a larger view. Have you ever taken a photo of something and then cropped it to add interest, to improve composition or to zoom in on something? I do it often. For this challenge I am showing a cropped view of gannets at Muriwai’s gannet colony, an one hour drive from the centre of Auckland.

jupiter najnajnoviji