A Photo a Week Challenge: White

While Westerns see white as the colour of purity and innocence, IMG_4145in some Asian cultures ( China, Vietnam, and Korea), white is the colour of death and mourning.

In India, people wear white after the death of a family member.

White is the traditional colour of bridal dresses in Western cultures. A woman wearing white will be seen as a bride on a Western website,28611_402324112524_7987478_n and as a person in mourning on an Eastern website.

White is also the colour of snow and winter. Some associate snow with Christmas, forgetting that countries from the Southern hemisphere don’t have snow during Christmas time.snow

A white pigeon is an international sign of peace; a white flag is an international sign of surrender.

nancy merrill’s photography challenge

The colour White

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is The Color White

and have to find items that have the color White in it.

Arum lilies
White foam of a breaking wave, White table settings, White covered chairs and White Towels
A White door

I’ve had my WHITE washing machine for just over 13 years, which I think is quite a reasonable time for an electronic device!

It started to give us some problems over the last few weeks but since last week it just got worse!

This morning I did the first batch of washing and all went smoothly! I had the washing on the line in no time! The second batch was another story! It was letting water in, but at the same time it was letting it out!

We tried all the tricks of the trade to get it working, but it decided: that was it! I suppose that means: it’s time to buy a new one!

White washing machine





Sunday Stills, the next challenge: White!

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: White!

Beautiful snow-capped mountains:


Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand.

DSC06300Arum lilies