Sunday Stills: Monthly Color Challenge: Green

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills: A year in review

Sunday Stills


January 2022

Boats – Paternoster

February 2022


March 2022

Wax flowers

April 2022


May 2022

Succulents on the sand

June 2022


                          July 2022

A basketfull of fynbos and proteas

August 2022

September 2022
Macro Mushrooms
October 2022
Succulents in my garden
November 2022
Salvia chamelaeagnea
December 2022

Sunday Stills: Monthly Color Challenge: #Cobalt Blue

Sunday Stills

Cobalt blue is a blue pigment made by sintering cobalt(II) oxide with aluminum(III) oxide (alumina) at 1200 °C. Chemically, cobalt blue pigment is cobalt(II) oxide-aluminium oxide, or cobalt(II) aluminate, CoAl2O4. Cobalt blue is lighter and less intense than the (iron-cyanide based) pigment Prussian blue. It is extremely stable and historically, has been used as a coloring agent in ceramics (especially Chinese porcelain), jewelry, and paint. Transparent glasses are tinted with the silica-based cobalt pigment smalt.

Cobalt blue water and Blue skies
Cobalt blue

Sunday Stills: My Town, Langebaan

Sunday Stills

Langebaan is a town in the Western Cape province of South Africa on the eastern shore of Langebaan Lagoon. Langebaan is situated 120 km north of Cape Town, just off the R27, about 28 km from Vredenburg and 20 km from Saldanha Bay. Wikipedia

Known as the Jewel of the West Coast, Langebaan enjoys almost year-round sunshine and boasts azure waters and unsurpassed natural beauty.

Langebaan is located on the West Coast Way Foodie Route  The white sand beaches surrounding the clear waters of the Langebaan Lagoon are very popular, and the mild climate and protected waters of the lagoon make it the perfect location for many water sports, including sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, and fishing. Even if you are a beginner, you can still enjoy Langebaan Lagoon. Most of the water sport shops and centers offer kitesurfing lessons, sailing lessons, water skiing lessons and windsurfing lesson. Langebaan’s Main Beach is great for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers with more than enough room for everyone. The wind almost always picks up by mid-afternoon. At the end of the main beach, a patch of sand near the yacht club has been dubbed “Second Beach” by locals and is popular among fishermen, bait collectors, and catamarans.

Langebaan is an internationally acclaimed Ramsar Site for its importance as a wetland and the tidal mud flats of the lagoon not only host many local bird species but also attract migratory birds every year. Thousands of seabirds roost on sheltered islands, pristine golden beaches stretch endlessly into the early morning mist and brooding salt marshes are home to vast concentrations of migrant waders from the northern hemisphere.