Floral Friday : September bush

Polygala myrtifolia

Indigenous to South Africa  polygalas are easy-to-grow, low maintenance and water wise plants that provide a dazzling display for many months of the year.IMG_4075There are about 600 Polygala species that occur in temperate and warm regions all over the world. Of that, 88 species are specifically indigenous to southern Africa, occurring mainly in the fynbos region of the Western Cape.IMG_4073

Polygala myrtifolia is a common, widespread pioneer shrub with pretty mauve flowers on and off throughout the year with a peak in spring, hence the names Augustusbossie and September bush.IMG_4074

Polygala myrtifolia occurs naturally from the Bokkeveld Mountains near Clanwilliam in the Western Cape to Kwazulu-Natal. Along this wide distribution area changing from winter to summer rainfall, it is commonly found growing on dunes, rocky slopes, in forests, along streams, in scrub and open grassland.IMG_4076IMG_4072