Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #84: Narrow

Lens- Artists photo challenge for this week

Kagga Kamma

Where you breathe  the fresh air in and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Reserve. Kagga Kamma have spectacular scenery and absolute tranquillity.

The Cederberg area is unique in a Karoo-like wilderness where you can find beautiful wild flowers and small critters that are scarcely seen in other parts of the country. It also have hiking trails, rock art, guided nature drives and the most incredible night skies.

Narrow walkway to the barbaque pit
Narrow and low opening in the rock
Narrow path on the trail
Narrow opening in the rock

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #82: Literary Capitals

Guest host Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures, Lens- Artists photo challenge for this week is: Literary Capitals

Cape Town, South Africa’s legislative Capital   Photo taken from Signal Hill
Port Louis, Maurtius
London – England     (30 St Mary Axe – widely known as The Gerkin)
Singapore, Singapore
Wellington, New Zealand