Floral Friday : Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer’

You’ll love the beautifully coloured flowers of Alstroemeria ‘Indian Summer’ set against unique rich, bronze foliage.IMG_4662

These hardy Peruvian Lilies are compact with an upright habit, ensuring that stems are still a good length for cutting. IMG_4663

Making a rounded plant no more than 30in/75cm high, the foliage of ‘Indian Summer’ is dark green stained with smoky bronze. So even before the flowers open the foliage marks its mark.IMG_4665

Then, from June to October, the flowers open in a fiery mix of orange and yellow. The intensity of flowering may vary a little over the months but even when flowering is less intense, there are the red buds.IMG_4664

‘Indian Summer’ makes an excellent specimen in a container.IMG_4661