Friendly Friday Challenge: all or nothing?

Friendly Friday                                                      

Fill the frame

Detail of a grass umbrella
Pincushion , Protea

Latch of a gate
Hairy Horse’s hoof

Negative space

A tiny Southern Double- collared Sunbird
An aeroplane

Friendly Friday-Favourite and why?

Friendly Friday

Rock formation in Kagga Kamma

I chose this photo because I have never seen any rock formation like this before. We were at this resort for a week and found the most unusual shapes and rock formations there!

Waikato River in New Zealand

My son took us on our 2nd visit to New Zealand to  the Aratiatia rapids where the narrow gorge fills with turbulent water surging past at up to 90,000 litres per second. Then, as the gates are closed about thirty minutes later, the turbulence recedes to a placid stream.

At Aratiatia the Waikato River falls naturally through 28 metres in the space of one kilometre. This natural drop has been harnessed for environmentally-sustainable hydroelectric power – headwaters are diverted through a tunnel to the power station. Each day at 10am, 12 noon and 2pm – and also at 4pm in summer – the flow through the Aratiatia rapids is allowed to resume its natural rate. There are several excellent vantage points on the high rock bluffs that dominate this turbulent stretch of the river.

The Aratiatia Rapids are about 10 kilometres north of Taupō.

Double Collard Sunbird

I captured this photo in my garden and love the detail of the feathers and the eyes!

Friendly Friday-framing your subject


We can use ‘frames’ to enhance our photos. Not actual photo frames but anything within an image that can be used to frame your main subject and draw attention to it. This could be a man-made structure such as a bridge, arch or fence; it could be a natural feature such as a tree; or could even be human (think of hands clasped around a face).

Sunset framed by a tree
Long and winding road through this forest
Trees in Kirstenbosh Botanical Garden
Looking into a garden
Stormy weather throug a window

Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday