Vinni’s Colours is a wholesale yarn company based in Cape Town, South Africa. They specialise in hand dyed cotton and bamboo yarns with a palette of over 200 colours.
In 2004, Vinni Nielsen, a nurse and a native of Denmark and an avid knitter since childhood, made her home in South Africa. She soon realised that the South African yarn market was in dire need of a good range of coloured cotton yarn. She began to experiment with dyes in her kitchen and Vinni’s Colours was born. Very quickly she needed to hire staff to skein and ball the yarns that were draped over her furniture and hanging up in the windows to dry. The business moved from the kitchen to the garden shed, where the yarn was dyed in baths. After 6 years she was finally able to move her rapidly expanding business into its current premises, which is two factory buildings in Cape Town.IMG_7027

Her success has had much to do with the dedicated help of a team of supportive staff (as well as faithful customers who love this unique South African product) who live within a stone’s throw of the factory. All processes are done by hand, from the dyeing to the balling and skeining, and the yarn is sun-dried in the factory forecourt. There are a wide range of colours, from soft pastels to deep, vibrant colours that makes their product perfect for the needs of the most artistic crafter. Vinni’s yarn is available in all the major yarn shops in South Africa and is loved by a growing number of clothing and interior designers. Many of these are entrepreneurs who are, in turn, employing many people who would otherwise have no work.

Here is my latest handmade blanket, made with Vinni’s cotton yarn.



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What does reward mean to you?

“Beginning in itself has no value, it is an end which makes beginning meaningful, we must end what we begun.”
Amit Kalantri

Last year, I worked on a crochet project for my niece.The idea was to make her something that I would think would be her! The inspiration came from this:

     I only had about 3 weeks to complete this project!
     With the help of my daughter we managed to finish it in time!
      The biggest reward was to see her face when she
       received her  blanket!