Purple Pizzazz coloured flowers

Lacecap hydrangeas

1990 was the year Crayola expanded their fluorescent line to include another eight colors.  In addition to expanding them, they also took the opportunity to rename the other original colors by giving them more descriptive names while dropping the “FLUORESCENT” reference from the name.

 They redesigned a new box called “Hot Fluorescents” that was a full sixteen assortment size and contained Purple pizzazz as one of the new colours.

Colour Your World Challenge from Tourmaline

Color your world – Purple Mountains’ Majesty

Crayola had a color naming contest in 1993 to promote  the 90th anniversary of the Crayola crayon.  These were placed in a special limited edition No. 96 big box that was only available for one year; from Nov 9, 1993 to Nov 8, 1994 after which time they would use their normal crayon wrappers with the new color names only.

Colour Your World Challenge from Tourmaline

Color your world – Pink Flamingo

The Special Brightest was in 1997 another of Crayola’s repackaging of existing colors that one would normally have to purchase a large assortment to obtain the colors inside of it. One of the colors, Pink Flamingo, was used that year though in Canada as one of their Hero colors although it never used the Pink Flamingo name after the contest.  Several years later they added these colors to several of their larger assortments using regular wrappers.

Colour Your World Challenge from Tourmaline