Water Water Everywhere #46

Entrance to Saldanha Bay harbour on a misty day

Atlantic Ocean and the entrance to the harbour.  Photo taken from The Postberg Nature Reserve which is situated within the West Coast National Park near Langebaan in the Western Cape. It is closed for most of the year, but is opened to the public during spring (August – September) where one can view the exceptional carpet of spring flowers in the reserve.

Jez is the host of the Water Water Everywhere (WWE) challenge.

Color your world – Piggy Pink

By 1998,  Crayola came out with the colors in several different boxes.  There was a Wizard’s Giant box featuring 120 colors that had a copyright of 1997 on the box but didn’t appear until early 1998.  They also came out with “The Ultimate”, an assortment that feature 200 colors; their biggest ever. Pig pink was introduced, but later changed to “piggy pink”.

Colour Your World Challenge from Tourmaline