Life in Colour: Black/ Grey

Life in Colour

This month we will be looking for Black or Grey. Black is not a colour at all. Theoretically it is the absence of all colour. Yet black is distinctive. Lines are bolder, shadows deeper, colours brighter against a black background.

This month is not about creating black and white photographs, but in finding the true blacks or greys in a colourful world.

Grey treetrunk

Grey rocks

Black leaves

Saturday Finds

Milnerton Flea Market

It’s not in Milnerton anymore. It was, at its inception, some 20 years ago. Today, Milnerton Flea Market is situated on Marine Drive (R27) opposite Metro Industrial Park, Paarden Eiland in Cape Town and a stone’s throw away from Lagoon Beach, Milnerton. This Weekly outdoor flea market held on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday).  The market is weather-dependent.

Market finds
Flee Market – Milnerton
Colourful crockery
At the flea market
Bric-a -brac