Marsha’s WQ challenge

An electrical grid is an interconnected network for electricity delivery from producers to consumers. Electrical grids vary in size and can cover whole countries or continents

Overhead power lines

South Africa has been experiencing one of the worst energy crisis in the region in years. It is affecting millions of people across the country. The nation’s ageing coal-powered electrical stations are not coping with demand. And it’s leading to daily blackouts that can sometimes last for hours.

Power lines


The energy crisis has brought many people out on the streets. South Africans lives are ruled by load shedding, and they’ve had enough. The state-owned energy utility Eskom has to schedule blackouts of up to 12 hours a day in order to prevent the total collapse of the power grid.

Wind turbines

In South Africa we have so much freedom and rights. I think South Africa It Is the only country where water and electricity is allowed to go on leave or to have some time off.”
― De philosopher DJ Kyos


14 thoughts on “WQ #5: GRID/GRIDLOCK/LINES

  1. Robbie was talking about the same problem, Aletta. I can’t imagine doing without power for 12 hours. We had solar power in California, and some of our neighbors had generators. It is fairly expensive and only pays to get it if you are going to be in that house for a while. We had about at least 8 more years paid up on our lease on the solar equipment, and we gave that benefit to the new buyers. Without a generator, it didn’t insure that we would have electricity if everyone lost power. We don’t have a plan here although we do watch WHEN we use electricity. I hope all goes well for you all. Thanks for sharing this week’s WQ.

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  2. Ek dink partykeer ek het meer krag in my liggaam na ‘n besige week as wat Eskom ooit kan hoop om te verskaf 😉! Ek hou van DJ Kyos se aanhaling … humor as waarskynlik al wat ons deur Eskom se ‘loadshedding’ sal kry!

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