Throwback Thursday #9


A great new Challenge from Wetanddustyroads

Please join us in the fun! I am sure we all have lots of photos and memories to share.

Namibia 2018

Nests of social weavers (Philetairus socius), Namibia

The sociable weaver is a species of bird in the Passeridae family endemic to Southern Africa. It is found in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. They build large compound community nests, a rarity among birds. These nests are perhaps the most spectacular structure built by any bird

Communial nests
Weaver’s communal nests
Communial waever’s nests in Grunau, Namibia
Quiver tree -Communual nests


Communual Nests


Communual nests – Close-up
Communual nests

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