Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word – December 2022

It is time for another Pick a Word themed challenge. As usual you get five words to choose from:


an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.


One of the most famous statues in Singapore, the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles was installed by the 14th governor of the Straits Settlements Frederick Weld (1823-1891) in 1887 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign. Originally placed at the Padang, which was believed to be the spot where Sir Stamford Raffles first stepped ashore on the island of Singapore, the statue was moved to its present-day location outside Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.


walk with effort through water or another liquid or viscous substance.

Pink Flamingos
Flamingoes in the Berg River near Velddrift


the visual appearance of a town or urban area; an urban landscape.
“the building’s contribution to the townscape”
a picture of a town.
“sparkling townscapes by the artist’s pupil”



a place on the coast where ships may moor in shelter, especially one protected from rough water by piers,

Cape Town Harbour

jetties, and other artificial structures.


the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.


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