PPAC #65:

Marsha Ingrao from Always Write blog has an interesting challenge.

Sarah of Travel with me is the guest host for this week.

Mambo stone sculptures

What PPAC is all about.

Public art is which encompasses any form of art you see in a public place, large or small, statues, murals, graffiti, gardens, Christmas lights, even buildings or bridges. The art should be visible from streets, sidewalks or outdoor public places

Topic Suggestions

  • Seasonal Displays
  • Graffiti
  • Statues and Sculptures
  • Collections
  • Store Windows
  • Car Shows
  • Artistic Construction (benches, buildings, bridges)
  • Wall Art (not just murals)

12 thoughts on “PPAC #65:

  1. Hi Aletta, I love your stone Mambo sculptures. I looked up the word Mambo, and what did I find? Your post about Mambo statues. They are so beautiful, smooth, and soulful. So lovely. Thanks for joining PPAC.

    Liked by 1 person

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