Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word – March 2022

It is time for another Pick a Word themed challenge. As usual you get five words to choose from:


Adjective; rough, rugged, uneven, bitter, cruel, severe

Kagga Kamma
Rugged terrain


Adjective: relating to or denoting crustaceans, having a hard shell.


Crayfish shell


showing or expressing gratitude, pleasure, or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner.
“an effusive welcome”
Similar: gushing, gushy, unrestrained, unreserved, extravagant, fulsome, demonstrative, lavish, enthusiastic,
rhapsodic, lyrical, exuberant, ebullient, expansive, wordy, verbose, long-winded, profuse, over the top, all over someone


A Happy group of children I took on a day trip during my teaching years
(of igneous rock) poured out when molten and later solidified.


Molten Rock in Mauritius


riding an animal, typically a horse, especially for military or other duty.
Emma on a horse


a union or group of three

Three seagulls in a row

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