Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Tumbleweed

Ragtag Daily Prompt (RDP) Saturday Challenges.

Common name:


Scientific name:

Salsola kali

Alternative common names:

Russian thistle, rolypoly, saltwort, windwitch, tumbleweed, common saltwort, and prickly glasswort, kakiebos, taaibos, tolbos.

Tumbleweed is an annual weed that begins life as a typical multiple branched bushes, which then takes on a spherical form. It depletes soil moisture and interferes with cultivation operations. This species invades roadsides, disturbed sites, riverbanks, riverbeds, in dry or somewhat saline areas. Flowering occurs from September-April.




15 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Tumbleweed

  1. Baie van hierdie tolbosse waai oor ons muur van die veld af gedurende die ‘wind tyd’ hier in Langebaan … dan gooi ek hulle terug oor die muur en more is hulle weer terug in ons ‘yard’ 😁.


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