Large, Larger, Largest

Castlecliff Beach, Whanganui, New Zealand

Daniel Clifford’s work Balancing Act, made up of three giant Staedtler HB pencils, is a new sculpture embedded in the ground along the riverside drive in Wanganui.

Photo credit: Dewald Loedolff


Debbie from Travel With Intent blog One Word Sunday Challenge.

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16 thoughts on “Large, Larger, Largest

      1. Hier is ongelooflike kunstenaars. Hul kom met die interessantste dinge voorendag. Hul het eenkeer per jaar bv n stone carving weekend. Daar kom die mooiste goed uit daardie klippe en meeste is sommer net gewone mense wat geen klipwerk nog gedoen het nie.

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  1. Perfect for the challenge but I wonder what the point (little pun) of these is. Of course, I wonder that about a number of sculptures and the like I’ve seen, but it does make me curious. What made him to decide to use pencils and put them in this location?


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    1. I found this on Google:
      About this object
      Balancing Act consists of a group three larger-than-life pencils set into a concrete plinth alongside the Whanganui River. The sculpture won first place in the inaugural Sculpture Wanganui 2010 event and is installed on Somme Parade.

      The sculpture takes its inspiration from the iconic Staedtler pencils the artist used throughout his studies in fine arts and reflects the artists idea that Maori is traditionally an oral culture and European is traditionally a written culture.

      Sculpture Whanganui’s independent judge Rob Garrett said Balancing Act stood out for a number of reasons; “Its scale, colour, simple and recognisable forms make it highly suitable for a variety of public locations where it will be easy to see from a distance and will likely draw people in to inspect it up close … Daniel Clifford’s artwork is also appealing because it is distinctive and different, unlike any other public artwork or monument in the city and therefore a distinctive point of difference for Wanganui that should become a point of attraction for locals and visitors alike … His work brings a lovely mix of Clifford’s local knowledge, as the artist grew up here and was educated at UCOL, and his international experience. Currently based in Brisbane, Clifford has been involved in creating sculptural works for events such as the Shanghai Expo.”

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