Water Water Everywhere #54

Jez’s Water Water Everywhere

Tietiesbaai – Paternoster


 The beach is located in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, which shares its border with the fishing village of Paternoster. This is the western-most beach on the whole of the Cape West Coast.

The area is great for camping because it is beautiful, peaceful, and close enough to the city for a weekend getaway. So, it is a hotspot for families and groups of friends that want to sit around the crackling fire, or feel the warm sunshine on their shoulders while they paddle in the waves.

 Tietiesbaai is also the famous home of the last South African-built and manually controlled lighthouse. The lighthouse stands at 80 metres above sea level and was built in 1936. Ships sailing from Europe are able to see the powerful beam.

14 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere #54

    1. The name, Cape Columbine, originates from the name of the last manually controlled lighthouse to be built in South Africa. This lighthouse, in turn, got its name from the British wooden ship ‘Columbine’, which was wrecked 1,5km north of the lighthouse in 1829. The name Tietiesbaai is an amusing Afrikaans slang word for a small female breast (tietie) and baai meaning bay, however, the origin is from a French trader Jacques Titius who gave his name Titius Bay to the area. 😀

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