Color your world – Piggy Pink

By 1998,  Crayola came out with the colors in several different boxes.  There was a Wizard’s Giant box featuring 120 colors that had a copyright of 1997 on the box but didn’t appear until early 1998.  They also came out with “The Ultimate”, an assortment that feature 200 colors; their biggest ever. Pig pink was introduced, but later changed to “piggy pink”.

Colour Your World Challenge from Tourmaline

FOTD : Wildflowers #8

Photos : Tino de Monte

Gladiolus venustus


Gladiolus venustus has flowers that are shades of purple to pink and sometimes dull yellow with yellow markings on the lower half of the lower tepals. It is widely distributed across the interior of the winter rainfall areas of southern Africa where it is found in dry habitats on clay and sandstone slopes.

Cee’s FOTD

FOTD : Wildflowers #6


Photos : Tino de Monte

Broadleaf Catstail (Bulbinella latifolia)

There are 24 bulbine species – 18 from South Africa and 6 from Nieu-Zealand. Bulbinella can be grown in the garden in rockeries or as container plants, the flowers are colourful and long-lasting when cut and placed in the vase. Most South African species flower from winter to early summer, but 4 species flower during the drier period between summer and autumn. The New Zealand species usually flower mid summer. Bulbine latifolia has broad, succulent leaves and are the largest in the genus. ZA Distribution: Eastern Cape, Western Cape.

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