23 thoughts on “Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge: Ducks and Geese

  1. Good selection for the challenge, Aletta! It looks like it was crowded at their pool that day. 😀
    I’m not sure that’s Cape Shoveler though. The eye and bill are different to my eye. I’ve never seen one and went looking for images of them. I’d love to see one! I think it’s a female Mallard too. I could be wrong though!

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      1. It’s a really cool app! Say you make a photo of a bird out in the field or out on a walk you get home upload your images to your computer and then summon the photo you took on your computer of the bird you didn’t know- open the Merlin app on your phone chose the photo option and take a picture of the photo you took on your computer screen with the Merlin app answer the questions about where and where et Voila! Merlin comes up with your bird or very close choices to narrow your field of possibilities! It’s amazing and a valuable tool in my toolbox today. You should get the app. Hopefully once you get the app what I just said makes sense. If not ask me! I’ll help you get it. 😀

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      1. It might be, but it looked like a female mallard next to the male. Unless I missed something in that photo. Regardless, I’d love to see one and add it to my list. You really are making me want to make a trip to South Africa. At least one of these days! 🙂


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