Friendly Friday- The Colour Pink

As this is the first post of the month, Amanda asks you to post a little bit more about your chosen photo. This is not compulsory, but it is much more interesting to hear the narrative behind the photo. This does not have to be a lengthy piece.

Here are some ideas if you are stuck on what to write:

  • What is its significance or history of the photo/s?
  • Where and when were they taken?
  • Why was it taken?
  • Post a recipe/ tell a story that relates to the topic


This pink agapanthus is quite unusual to me. I have see this one in New Zealand  in 2007 when I visited  my son and family for the first time.
How beautiful is this light pink hydrangea? I absolutely adore these flowers so when I see them I have to take a photo 
I found this pink/purple hydrangea visiting a friend in George ( never thought it would be the last time that I will see her)
Pink roses that my husband gave me for a birthday
The pink flamingoes in Velddrift – we spend a few days there in a holiday apartment.

Friendly Friday Friendly Friday

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