On the top

Becky, at the Life of B ‘s square theme for this month is

The theme for April Squares is ‘top‘, and we have five idioms, to choose from;

  1. On Top of the World – summit, crown, peak (tiptop) or uppermost part of something.
  2. Under the Big Top – topping or covering (or if you are really lucky a circus!)
  3. Room at the Top – first or highest in position
  4. Cherry on Top – something made even more wonderful by becoming square
  5.  or if you prefer to play around with word combinations such as top dog, top stitch, top hat, top secret, top knot, top drawer or top dollar!

    Dias Cross,  in 1786. Paul Petzold was then commissioned to carve the replica of the padrao from Namib dolerite.
    It was erected on the original site in 1988 and unveiled as part of the celebrations of the Dias quincentenary on 25 July 1988. The replicaof the padrao replaced a marble cross that had stood there on a cement pedestal before.
    The Site of the Original Dias Cross, situated at Dias Point, Lüderitz, was declared a national monument of 12 January 1973.

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