LPM – Photo Adventure – Still life 2

Little Pieces of Me, runs a month long LMP– Photo Adventure – Still Life challenge.  She asks that we take new photos for this challenge.


7 thoughts on “LPM – Photo Adventure – Still life 2

  1. Savoring this work! Nothing quite says “still life” like the classic bowl of fruit! Yet you capture this classic in a modern way, with the pineapple so close up taking it from just pineapple to a sumptuous feast of color and pattern. I’m drawn to the rich character of the pattern of the pineapple.
    WAYYY back when i was in art school, the use of light and shadow could not be emphasized enough, and truly, it was the element used by the masters to create drama and depth while moving the eye around the images. The light in this piece is reminiscent of just such classic works with the black forming the negative shapes above the fruits, and also the way shadows partially conceal some of the fruit, adding to the drama.
    I could go on about the color, but will leave it at that… deliciously done!!

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    1. I am honored that you liked my photo. The door was open and the sunlight shon directly onto the bowl of fruit… I just had to take a photo or two. 😊I love the colour and the shapes of the pineapple. It reminded me of charcoal sketches of years ago. Many thanks for your visit


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