Lens-Artists Challenge #44: Harmony

Lavender bush in my garden

Tina says :

Color harmony is achieved when a piece of art includes complimentary colors, typically two or three colors side-by-side on the wheel, two colors directly opposite each other on the wheel, or any color combination found in nature. It can also be used to incite different emotions in our art.”

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #44: Harmony



27 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #44: Harmony

  1. And just curious –
    Where did you get that direct quote from – I only ask because as a former art teacher – harmony in a piece cake from analogous colors and not necessarily the complements – it always depends on painting or photos might be different – but congrats and energy is usually what we teach with complements and with likeness and togetherness we have harmony (and maybe unity and other POD)

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