At last!

It’s been a while that I have been posting here on my blog!! Had been so busy having a great time with family that I cannot believe that it’s almost February!

When I saw these challenges, I knew that I needed to share this with you! :

Look Up!

To me, there’s nothing that quite matches the majesty of the night sky—or the difficulty involved in capturing that scene on camera. I had the perfect opportunity to try.  Photographing anything in dark is very tricky to me! Being an amateur, add just distant pinpoints of light and getting a great shot of the stars can be very challenging. Capturing the night sky isn’t a matter of having the latest, greatest equipment—it’s about having a bit of know how (which is my biggest problem!).

The clear, dark skies and the lack of light pollution makes Kagga Kamma the perfect stargazing spot. With the help of my brother in law’s knowledge and many nights of experimenting with different settings on the camera this is what I captured:

Part of the Milky Way with the Southern Cross in the bottom
Orion’s belt

It is not perfect, but I was so happy with the results!!!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Look Up

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