Ben Huberman over at WordPress invites us this week to  share our take on “rounded.”  which is a broad theme, he is looking forward to our personal interpretations, whether you choose to focus on a curving street, limbs caught mid-way through a dance, a bowl of fruit (think of all the round shapes!), or any other object, landscape, or texture that fits within your definition of the theme. As always, less-literal takes are equally welcome.

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Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in October – Y2

For the Pick a Word challenge in October, Paula chose five unrelated words and five unrelated images.  As usual you are free to choose one of the 5 offered words, and depict it in a photograph or you can do more than one word and post more than one photograph, or you may choose all of the words and depict them in a single image. Possibilities abound. Now, here are the words to choose from:






I chose :


Definition of mountainous    


  1. (of a region) having many mountains
  2. very large; huge

jupiter najnajnoviji

The 7-Day Black & White Challenge – Day 7

Marilyn at Serendipity is participating in the 7 Day Black & White Challenge and invited anyone who wants to participate to do so. The rules are so simple … but maybe not as simple as they sound.

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life.
No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”  

The 7-Day Black & White Challenge