Macro Moments Challenge: Week 25

This challenge  is run by Susan from Musin’ with Susan‘s blog and it’s s all about macro photography.dsc_0014-5

I used my NIKON D3100 to take this photo (without a tripod).


16 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 25

  1. Every time I look at one of your beautiful macro photos, I want to go out and do the same. Then, some inertia holds me back. I don’t know why. Maybe today, at the beginning of the year, I will actually put some of my goals into action. I have the time, I am retired, so I don’t know why I get bogged down with the inessentials of my life.

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    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment, Carol!! You must just do it!! I often taken a lot of photo’s that are not great at all! I believe it’s only practice, practice, practice!! Enjoy the retirement!! I love it! 😀


      1. Your know this WordPress is so confusing. For example, when I want to read the comments to your posts, they are in order– most recent at the top. Yet, other people’s blogs, they have the most recent at the bottom. Did you choose some sort of setting for this? This is a small detail, but I wish WordPress could be more consistent. Similar to some people’s photos I can enlarge and they look so gorgeous. Others cannot.

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      2. yes, I have chosen to have the most recent at the top. I think most people do not know about the choices you have! I went to 2 courses and learnt a lot.


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