Macro Moments Challenge: Week 23

This challenge  is run by Susan from Musin’ with Susan‘s blog and it’s s all about macro photography.dsc_0013-4

Berzelia intermedia in Afrikaans the knopbos (knob bush), is a much branched, rounded shrub reaching heights from 1 m to 1,5 m. The leaves ascend in spirals around the stems. They are ericoid in appearance, green, small and narrow with tiny black tips.

I used my NIKON D3100 to take this photo (without a tripod).

8 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 23

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  2. Lovely! You are not linking to the challenge. It’s great to add a link to my blog so others can find it, but so that we can go directly to your entry, please copy the URL of that week’s challenge post from Musin’ With Susan and add that to your post. Or, add a link to your post in the comments section of the challenge post. Thanks!


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