Fountain Challenge # 43 – Hastings

POLIANTHUS Here is another “whatever” fountain.img_8669

I found this small fountain tucked away in Cornwall Park ( Hastings, New Zealand). The leaves on the trees had all the beautiful Autumn colours.img_8671

I love the reflextions on the water too!img_8670

If you would like to join in with the Fountain photo challenge then please take a look at her Fountain Photo Challenge Page

12 thoughts on “Fountain Challenge # 43 – Hastings

    1. Sorry Jude!! Yes it is spread over 8 hectares in an English village green environment, Cornwall Park is Hastings’ oldest and 5most established park. It has beautiful plant life, enormous trees, playgrounds, the District’s premium cricket grounds and a Chinese garden.

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  1. Pragtige fotos. Ek gaan nog eendag Hastings en Napier besoek. Dit klink vir my twee mooi plekke.
    Ek wil jou sommer n geseënde feestyd toewens. Ek gaan 23 Des – 8 Jan heerlik plaas oppas. Daar is skape, hoenders, n kat, twee hasies en dan die groentetuin. Ou hospitaalgebou en motor wat my heerlik besig gaan hou met fotos neem.

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