Color your World: Turquoise blue

Turquoise blue is a color close to turquoise on the color wheel, but slightly more bluish.

The first recorded use of turquoise blue as a color name in English was in 1900.

In 1935, midway through the decade and well into the Great Depression, Crayola made a number of major changes to their existing product line that impacted their crayon line.  As they made these changes, they also changed their wrapper type again (to type 4).  This time, they chose to print all of their colors as upper case; setting a standard they would mostly follow for years to come.

1935 was also the year that marked a final end to the Rubens Crayola line as it was depicted from their earliest beginnings.  The lone holdouts for the line had been the No. 18 and No. 24 which avoided a changeover in 1910 and had somehow stayed on the market for over 20 more years. They did a complete makeover on both of these products by converting them into the standard Crayola line.  Instead of being called Rubens-Crayola they were now just Crayola.  Gone were the old box designs; replaced with a more conventional design fitting to their other assortments.

Ultramarine Blue was replaced with Turquoise Blue (which was renamed from Maximum Blue)


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