Color your World: Silver

Silver or Metallic gray is a color tone resembling gray that is a representation of the color of polished silver. The first recorded use of silver as a color name in English was in 1481. In heraldry, the word argent is used, derived from Latin argentum over Medieval French argent.

Silver has been a Crayola color since 1903.human statue 2badge


4 thoughts on “Color your World: Silver

  1. At first, I was going to ask you where these statues are located. Then I realized, when I go downtown in San Francisco, there is always a fellow painted all in silver to amuse the tourists. But, nothing on the scale of what I see here. It is amazing. I always wonder if that silver is harmful to their bodies. And how long it must take to put it all on.

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    1. I saw these human statues in London, I admire those people! It must take a lot of time to get dressed up and get painted. They sit there for ages and I wonder how they do that!


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