Color your World: Shamrock

Shamrock green is a tone of green that represents the color of shamrocks, a symbol of Ireland. The first recorded use of shamrock as a color name in English was in the 1820s (exact year uncertain)

By 1993 Crayola had wrapped up their color naming contest by announcing the winners and having a big gala celebration at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA to celebrate.  The whole contest was a promotion designed to coincide with their 90thanniversary of the Crayola crayon.  They coordinated a special set of crayons designed to honor the contest winners.  These were placed in a special limited edition No. 96 big box that was only available for one year; from Nov 9, 1993 to Nov 8, 1994 after which time they would use their normal crayon wrappers with the new color names only.  But for this limited edition, they used interim wrappers that contained the winning contestant’s name and age along with the color name they won with.

NEW COLOR #12, shamrock was named by Patricia A. Hoh Age: 11Week 4badge

12 thoughts on “Color your World: Shamrock

  1. 1993, gee, I wonder where those boxes of crayons are now; if anyone saved them. I suppose they would be collectibles if in mint condition. Crayons always get used up, so this would be interesting to do a search on the internet out of curiosity!

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