Color your World: Shadow

What is the color of a shadow? It depends on many factors such as
lighting, reflectance, material color, and proximity to other objects.

There was a Crayola Wizard’s Giant box featuring 120 colors that had a copyright of 1997 on the box but didn’t appear until early 1998.  They also came out with “The Ultimate”, an assortment that feature 200 colors; their biggest ever.

Shadow was a new color name for one of the True Blue Hero contest colors.

Shopping Centre in Port Louis, Maurtius
Shopping Centre in Port Louis, Mauritius



4 thoughts on “Color your World: Shadow

    1. I was worried about this challenge, Millie! I googled shadow and it says that shadows appear to be blue because the bright yellow light from the sun is blocked from the shadow area, leaving only indirect light and blue light from other parts of the sky. Glad you like this photo!


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