Color your World: Red orange

Crayola made many changes to their different crayon lines in the early 1930s including several design changes to their Gold Medal line. None of these changes affected the core colors or names even though they had gone through several wrapper designs for the crayons as well.  Crayola did their corporate duty during the depression by having farm folks do all of their crayon wrapper labeling for them; a service that helped folks out during a tough time.

In 1930 they also began a concept called the “Crayola Color Wheel” that offered up Crayola colors based on the color wheel concept of distinguishing colors developed by Munsell and then adapted for Crayola’s use.  The No. 16 assortment was offered in two versions.  You could get the regular assortment with Black, Brown, Bt. Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Eng. Vermilion, Gold Ochre, Light Yellow, Lt. Green, Madder Lake, Medium Green, Olive Green, Orange, Prussian Blue, Rose Pink, Violet, White or you could get the color wheel assortment offering BLACK, BLUE, BLUE GREEN, BLUE VIOLET, BROWN, GREEN, NEUTRAL GRAY, ORANGE, RED, RED ORANGE, RED VIOLET, VIOLET, WHITE, YELLOW, YELLOW GREEN, YELLOW ORANGE.  These new colors were offered up in their new wrapper type that appeared in assortments around 1928.

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