Color your World: Raw sienna

Raw sienna is a yellowish brown natural earth pigment, composed primarily of iron oxide hydroxide. The box shows the colour of the pigment in its natural, or raw state. It contains a large quantity of iron oxide and a small quantity (about five percent) of manganese oxide.

This kind of pigment is known as yellow ochre, yellow earth, limonite, or terra gialla.

The yellow-brown raw sienna shade first appeared in Crayola crayon form in its original collection in 1903, but was discontinued in 1910.

When Crayola introduced their largest box of crayons in April of 1958 they clearly had a winning package on their hands.  They took their newly classic 1949 No 48 box with the flip-back lid design and expanded that into the wider box we are still using today.  In addition, they created a first among crayon boxes: the built in sharpener in the back. A few new colours like Raw sienna was part of this box!taupe2badge


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