Color your World: Pink flamingo

The distinctive pink flamingo color develops thanks to their selective diet, which primarily consists of organisms — such as shrimp and algae — high in pigments called carotenoids. These carotenoids are the same pigments that cause shrimp to turn from gray to pink when we boil them!

The Special Brightest was in 1997 another of Crayola’s repackaging of existing colors that one would normally have to purchase a large assortment to obtain the colors inside of it.  Like all of these repackage assortment themes, this one wouldn’t have had any impact to the color list except for the fact that they added four new colors to their color line with the addition of this assortment box. One of the colors, Pink Flamingo, was used that year though in Canada as one of their Hero colors although it never used the Pink Flamingo name after the contest.  Several years later they added these colors to several of their larger assortments using regular wrappers.






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