Color your World: Gray

Grey or gray (see spelling differences) is an intermediate color between black and white. It is a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color “without color”. It is the color of a cloud-covered sky, of ash and of lead.IMG_6130

The first recorded use of grey as a color name in the English language was in AD 700. Grey  is the dominant spelling in European and Commonwealth English, although gray remained in common usage in the UK until the second half of the 20th century. Gray has been the preferred American spelling since approximately 1825, although grey is an accepted variant.

In Europe and the United States, surveys show that grey is the color most commonly associated with neutrality, conformity, boredom, uncertainty, old age, indifference, and modesty. Only one percent of respondents chose it as their favourite color. – Wikipedia

Crayola produced Charcoal from 1903–1910. Then it changed to “Middle Grey”as part of the Munsell line, 1926–1944. The Spelling was “Grey” on the labels, but “Gray” on the boxes. It was called “Neutral Grey” from 1930–1956.




14 thoughts on “Color your World: Gray

  1. I have always wondered why there were two spellings for grey; and I never thought of one being American and one being British, the way we know about color and colour. And, I always used both spellings. I had not thought about the negative connotations of grey, but there are many, a grey day, a grey mood, a gray world. Now that I have gray hair, gee, I would like to see it in a more positive light. Grey hair can be a sign of wisdom earned through life experience. Hmm, good idea for a post.

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  2. This is interesting. I like how you have explained the history of the colour. There is ate tendency to see grey as old, neutral, non-vibrant. However, I’ve been looking forward to this colour in the challenge. I found an amazing grey place. Hope you are enjoying the challenge.

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  3. Very interesting information about this colour, Aletta. I wouldn’t choose grey as my favourite colour, either. It does have a very military look about it, and it reminds me of the miserable weather we so often get in the UK! Well chosen pictures – I agree with the above comment about the first one resembling a Lego piece! 😀

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  4. The first image reminded me of a life size Lego piece – ha! And great info about this color and now I know why I use the ” a” version – (upbringing)- also – how interesting they would have gray on the box and grey on the crayon – do you like this color?

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      1. I like a soft gray for walls as well!! 🙂 and now to think about it I do have a few gray articles of clothing – and just bought a pair of “north face” pants – huge sale at a local store and the fabric was so soft – but for the longest time I did not like wearing tan/khaki! Still don’t really –
        Anyhow – I am enjoying the 120 day crayon color challenge – such a fun idea –

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