Leucospermum ‘Calypso Red’

This indigenous plant produce beautiful clusters of creamy yellow flowers that turn dark crimson red as they mature. As they only grow about 1m x 1m, they are perfect for small gardens and containers. It’s also a low maintenance plant and ideal for low water use gardens. Also suitable to plant in coastal gardens.IMG_7141

Plant your Calypso Red in well drained acidic soil (use Arnelia Premium Potting and Planting Mix). Although drought tolerant (once established), you need to water your plant regularly and well for the first 2 years. Plants in containers need to be watered daily.IMG_7143

Leucospermums are sun loving plants – so plant your Calypso Red in a sunny spot in the garden. Never fertilize – as this will burn your plant’s roots. Cut back dead flower stems to maintain a compact shape. Lastly, always remember that these plants do not like root disturbance.IMG_7144FLORAL FRIDAY FOTOS



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