Friday Greens #15

Common Names: Cape Chestnut, Wild Chestnut, Wildekastaiing, umBhaba (X, Z) uMemezi omhlophe (Z)IMG_6055 Calodendrum capense, beautiful tree from the Cape, the name says it all (kalos means beautiful, and dendron tree in Greek, capenseis Latin for from the Cape), it is not only a tree of the Cape, but also a tree of Africa. Friday Greens Meme


18 thoughts on “Friday Greens #15

      1. Oooo is dit wat dit is! Hier groei ook heelwat van hulle. Daar is soos wat ek onthou een wat giftig is. Gou gaan oplees Horse chestnut is giftig spesifiek vir perde. Lekker interessant

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