Canola : Agriculture

Canola has small, yellow flowers and flowering starts on the main stem.DSC06069

Canola is derived from rapeseed and was developed in Canada in the 1960s. The name is an abbreviation of ‘Canadian oil, low acid’ and was adopted because it was more ‘market-friendly’ than the word rapeseed. The latter comes from the Latin word rapum, meaning turnip. Turnips, cabbages, brussel sprouts and many other vegetables are related to canola.IMG_4246
Although canola is a summer crop in the temperate areas of the world, it is grown mainly in the Western Cape as a winter crop. In summer rainfall areas, it can be produced under irrigation during winter.IMG_4248

In South Africa, canola crop is a winter crop, and is grown in the Western Cape.

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18 thoughts on “Canola : Agriculture

  1. Ek het dit vir die eerste keer gesien in Augustus 2010 – velde vol van goudgeel canola gewasse daar in Malmesbury se omgewing wat ons net van veraf beskou het. Dis ‘n mooi blommetjie, nè?

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    1. Rapeseed, is an oilseed plant originating from an
      ancient civilisation as far back as 3 000 years ago in India. Canola was
      developed through breeding from rapeseed. (interessant dat dit al so lank terug begin het, nuut in SA)
      Canola is relatively new in South Africa. In 1994, only 500 t were produced,
      but it increased to 44 200 t on 40 200 ha during 2005. The production of
      canola in South Africa is usually lower than the demand and favourable
      prices could be achieved.


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