Travel theme: Environment

Cape Town – Fires are still roaring across the Cape Town south peninsula on this very hot 42 degree C, Tuesday morning, with latest developments tracking the blaze through the Hout Bay, Tokai and Fish Hoek areas.

Cape Town fire

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Can you imagine what this will do to our environment?

Smoke from the fires  -photo taken from Plattekloof
Smoke from the fires -photo taken from Plattekloof

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31 thoughts on “Travel theme: Environment

  1. Wow that is hot for Cape Town. When I lived there in the ’70s-’80s it never went much above 30 degrees and I did witness one major mountain fire on Muizenberg, but nothing like this one! Has property been damaged? I know the flora will regenerate, in fact a lot of it depends on fires to do that, but there will be an enormous loss of small mammal and reptile life. So sad.

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    1. It was extremely hot! A bit of a heat wave! There are a few properties that are badly damaged, they are now busy assessing it. Most of the fires are out, but with today’s wind it flared up in a few places! Yes it is sad 😦

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  2. I can hardly bear to look at these photos. It must be so awful for the people who live close by, and also for the firemen. I hope the fires are soon put out, and that rain will come to settle the smokey air and bring life to the ground once more.

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  3. DIe fynbos plantegroei behoort vinnig te herstel na die brande, maar die skade aan menslike infrastruktuur gaan lank vat om te herstel. Ons hou duim vas dat die weerstoestande sal verbeter en die brandbestryders dinge dan vinnig onder beheer sal kry.

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  4. great response to the challenge. very sad for the countryside – is this unusual for that area?. i only ask because several areas of the south west (USA) get summer fires on a reasonably regular basis.

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