One Four Challenge – Jan Week 4

Here is the original photo for this challenge:


Week 1:

Week 2.1

For this image, I have used PicMonkey to boost the colours. I then sharpened the  exposure slightly, but did not crop this photo. Next I used the HDR to change the Radius to 32 and the intensity to 274%!

Week 2

Week 2.2

Here I changed the brightness and contrast, the colour saturation to 31% and the white areas to blue.

Week 3

new week3

I cropped this image and decided to give it more abstract look, by adding a bit more red, some brushstrokes and made the edges darker.

Week 4

maybe 4

I have rotated the photo to the left and changed the  colour saturation to 73% to make it lighter.  I then used Cross process Red for more contrast and changed the brightness to 29%. With the black and white option I changed the white areas to turquoise and made the blue darker and changed the red to purple!

What do you think?


41 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Jan Week 4

  1. I really like the HDR effects – Week 2 wins hands down but I have to mention that it is so interesting the way you have taken this challenge this month. It has gone from original to something quite artistic. Great work, and something for me to aspire to.

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