Floral Friday : Matchstick bromeliad

Matchstick Plant, Gamos Bromeliadbromelia

Aechmea is derived from the Greek αιχμη (aichmé), the point of a spear; gamosepala is from the Greek γαμεω (gameo), to marry.IMG_3930

The Aechmea is a very diversified, hardy, extremely popular, and very easily cultivated bromeliad genus. The often very coloured and striking foliage is generally rather stiff, and forms vase-shaped rosettes to hold water. IMG_4000

They range in size from a tiny 15 cm to more than 3 m in height and 2 5 cm  in diameter be different from that of the top side. IMG_3999Aechmea gamosepala is an exotic-looking plant with a stunning flower spike that lasts well as a cut flower. It is very adaptable, tough, and easy to grow – a great beginner’s bromeliad as it is so hardy, and lacks the painful spikes that many species have.


There is a variegated Aechmea gamosepala, commonly known as ‘Lucky Stripes’. Its long, slender ribbon leaves are a rich green with margins from yellow to white on the edges.FLORAL FRIDAY FOTOS


18 thoughts on “Floral Friday : Matchstick bromeliad

  1. An unusual and very decorative plant, as are most bromeliads.
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your future contributions.


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