Photography 101: Landmark

Day 7

Table Mountain in the background.
Table Mountain from the Waterfront

We often use locations to orient us, to identify where we are — from statues to town squares to corner shops. These landmarks on a map can be famous and instantly recognizable, or sometimes they’re simple markers to help us navigate.

Table mountain Cable
Cable Car
View from Signal Hill

Table Mountain (Afrikaans: Tafelberg) is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa, and is featured in the Flag of Cape Town and other local government insignia. It is a significant  tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. The mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park.

Since the first person laid eyes on Table Mountain, it has exerted its powerful and charismatic pull, enchanting and drawing any and all who fall under its spell including me. 🙂

Lions Head
Lions Head from my back door
Lions Head from my back door


19 thoughts on “Photography 101: Landmark

      1. I have several photos from there taken by brother during the world up and have fascination for these views. I’ll visit one day.
        Ps. I didn’t mean you needed to visit my site, just pointed the coincidence. But you’re more than welcome.

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