Travel theme: Bountiful

IMG_1378South Africa is located at the tip of the African continent with most wine regions located near the coastal influences of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. These regions have mostly a Mediterranean climate that is marked by intense sunlight and dry heat.

The threat of springtime frost is rare with most wine regions seeing a warm growing season between November and AprilIMG_1563


Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge


17 thoughts on “Travel theme: Bountiful

  1. I get confused: your time is the same as ours in the UK, but your climate is the opposite. How come you have grapes now then?
    Anyway, do make wine?
    Coming from floral friday or friday finds.


    1. Here in the Western Cape the grapes grow during the summer months. We are just getting into summer, these photo’s were taken of last year’s crop. No I have never tried to make wine 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog!


      1. Making wine is lovely and easy. Just don’t drink it too fresh, for the alcohol content makes it lethal 🙂
        The third time my kitchen had picked up the botrytis fungus and it didn’t turn out as expected but became a kind of Tokay wine, which is extra sweet.


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